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Fifa 18 coin version using the form of complete destruction of the reorganization, the two players can only choose the team, and then through the open "card package" to different levels of players in the form of card can use the game gold and gold method to buy fifa 18 ultimate team coins of course you also You can buy cheap fifa 18 coins through vipfifa18, they are very safe and reliable store. If the player chooses the regular season mode, then the other team's staff will be based on the NBA's current lineup, so unless the technology, or just use the player value competition, the player did not win the opportunity.


Play now - when you play to do it on your toes, always ready, always alert, and always at the moment. Forget the past, especially the mistakes that occur, do not throw yourself into the future. Now and the next 5 seconds is the best focus. Free play - play in front foot, never hind foot. Play win, never lose. Play free, no fear. adventure. Have fun. If you go to a goal down to see the situation as a challenge. Play the incredible body language. Play your teammates and become the best of you, you may be the game every second.

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